As Karen gears up for her date with Rob, everyone at The Mill assures her she’ll have a good time but she isn’t convinced. Rob picks a posh restaurant but the conversation is stilted as Karen is intrigued by the couple arguing at the next table. Rob orders whitebait for Karen’s starter and recommends she has her steak rare, just the way she likes it. But Karen hates the whitebait and angrily changes her steak order to ‘well done’, though she’s not a fan of that either!

Karen tells Rob it isn’t fair he already knows stuff about her, so Rob tells her about himself and says that being with her has made him the happiest in life. Karen is touched but the moment is spoilt by the arguing couple who send water flying all over Rob. Karen looks at the drenched Rob and they both start laughing uncontrollably. As Rob drops Karen off at Emma’s, he gives her a kiss. How will Karen react?

Meanwhile, Kevin’s concerned that Mandy has been distracted all day and, when she leaves her phone behind, he goes to return it. Arriving at Mandy’s, Kevin spots her dancing in her living room and smiles. But he’s then gob-smacked to see someone who looks just like Freya dancing with her.

Also, when Jimmi accepts a dinner invitation from a couple he used to know, he finds himself trapped between a rock and a hard place…