Rob gets a call from his cousin Mo. She’s coming over. When Mo turns up, Karen is gobsmacked to find she is a grungy, beer swilling Amazonian. She tells Rob that Mo isn’t staying the night but her resolve is soon overruled when Mo throws her arms around Karen and thanks her for letting her stay.

Jimmi wants to take some new pics of the staff for the website and Mrs Tembe suggests they do something for charity. Various ideas are bandied about, until someone comes up with the idea of a calendar in which each member of staff dresses as their favourite star.

Meanwhile Heston asks Ruhma if she’d like to talk about ways to strengthen the GP-midwife relationship. She gets another surprise when Heston reveals that the meeting will be held at his house, with drinks and nibbles.

Also, Mrs Tembe is moved to help an elderly widow who is being terrorised by a rogue trader called Hutch.