Karen and Rob have unwanted guests

Karen and Rob are door-stepped by a couple, Brendan and Judith, who they met while on their honeymoon. The foursome head off to a Mexican restaurant but the couple get drunk and make a show of themselves. Karen and Rob soon decide they need to get rid of the rowdy pair leaving Judith and Brendan to face up to the fact their marriage is on the rocks.

Mrs Tembe is shocked to discover that Heston has lost his passion for the election since Valerie decided to run against him. She decides a mock press conference will rouse him, and Emma and Al help out. Despite a shaky start, Heston soon regains his mojo.

Barry lavishes compliments upon Valerie and offers his services as her campaign manager, but the role is already filled – by Ashley. Despite his disappointment, Valerie convinces Barry to join the team. She secretly loves the idea of Ashley and Barry competing for her affections. Initially Barry and Ashley clash but they soon become fast friends – much to Valerie’s chagrin.