Karen and Rob realise Mo’s here to stay!

Al, Heston, Mo and Ruhma arrive for Karen and Rob’s dinner party. When Mo reveals that she plans to stick around in Letherbridge, Al nearly chokes on his pudding. Al confides in Heston that he needs to dump Mo soon or risk getting into a proper relationship. Heston tells Al that he needs to be honest with Mo.

Jimmi starts the day on a photo-shoot with Ayesha, who is dressed up as a convincing Beyonce. Jimmi takes a great photo and the shoot is a success.  

Priya tells Jimmi that her mother-in-law wants to kill her baby. Jimmi presses Priya to make a statement so that they can arrest Harshida, then Priya experiences a stabbing pain. Jimmi rushes her to the hospital where it’s confirmed she’s suffered a miscarriage. Harshida is arrested on suspicion of assault.

Valerie arrives for her dinner with Mrs Tembe. Conversation moves on to her role as practice manager and Valerie is aghast to learn she has not applied for the permanent role. Fired-up, Valerie grabs the laptop and pushes Mrs Tembe to complete the application.