Rob starts to feel sidelined when Karen’s too busy eating junk food and watching movies with Jack and Immie to spend time with him and gets fed up being taken for granted – Karen, Jack and Immie are acting like slovenly teenagers as he breaks his back keeping house. When Karen realises how Rob feels, she makes it up to him in the best possible way… by organising a family fishing trip!

Niamh visits elderly patient Libby, who’s recovering from chemotherapy. When Libby claims her new painkillers are not as effective as her old ones, Niamh suspects her 17-year-old grandson, Ed, might know why and he soon confesses – he’s been stealing the painkillers and replacing them with vitamins.

Ed explains he was bullied into handing the painkillers over to a gang of boys and, when Niamh suggests involving the police, Ed convinces them he won’t steal the pills again. However, unbeknownst to Niamh and Libby, Ed shows his much darker side when it’s revealed he’s been stockpilling the pills himself…

Also, Daniel’s forced to step in when his patient comes under attack from a dangerously angry neighbour.