Karen appalls Mrs Tembe

Mrs Tembe gives into Karen’s manipulation and takes her to The Mill, but warns she must behave appropriately. But when Karen accidently puts a patient on loudspeaker then tries speaking to a patient about his Viagra medication, Mrs Tembe’s appalled. Karen insists she was only trying to help but Mrs Tembe suggests she should walk before she can run.

Later, Karen sees Jimmi come into the surgery. She thinks he’s cute but he finds it difficult to see that Karen is no longer the same but soon realises the old shirty Karen is still in there somewhere. When Jimmi tells her how much she loved Rob, Karen is intrigued and is snooping through Rob’s medical file, when Mrs Tembe catches her in the act. Will she go easy on her?

Jas is upset Aran hasn’t called. Despite Kevin reminding her Aran has a fiancé, she isn’t going to give up on him just yet. When Kevin spots Jas checking up on Aran via his social networking sites, he finds an online quiz to work out if Jas should get back with her ex. When Jas discovers they are 80 per cent compatible, she texts Aran saying she’d love to see him again – now the ball is in his court!

Also, a blast from Emma’s past forces her into an impossible dilemma.