Karen arranges a night to remember

Rob gives Karen the news that the pest controllers have got rid of the fleas in their house. Karen learns from Mrs Tembe that a meteor shower will be visible tonight and decides to take Rob for a romantic evening under the stars to thank him for sorting things at the house. She searches for the right spot online and finds what she thinks is a stargazing community website which recommends the ideal location.

Karen drives Rob to the hilltop site, but Rob’s suspicious that nobody else is getting out of their car. On closer inspection, a mortified Rob realises it’s a dogging site. Rob rushes back to tell Karen, but before they can escape the area is filled with police cars and the embarrassed pair are forced to explain themselves back at the station. They’re released without charge, but not before Emma gets in a few dog-related jibes at their expense.

A grouchy Al isn’t sleeping well and takes it out on a patient in front of Jimmi. Later at The Icon, Jimmi soon realises the problem is girl related. Unable to admit the woman he’s moping over is Jas, Al goes along with the lie that he has a woman on the go. Jimmi asks what she’s called just as Jas enters and, spotting a bottle of Jack Daniels, Al says she’s called Jackie. Jas is pleased for Al, unaware of his ever-growing attraction to her…

Also, Emma helps a local hero overcome the repercussions of a mugging.