Karen bonds with Al

After yesterday’s debacle, Mrs Tembe is reluctant to let Karen out of her sight, so brings her into The Mill, where she tells Mandy she’s struggling to cope with a teenage Karen. She feels she’s failing her as a friend and a Christian, so Mandy offers to have Karen stay with her for a few nights. 

When Al finds Karen singing along to a Pogues track from 1987, three years after her ‘present’ of 1984, he’s impressed and Karen’s happy to let him study her. Al asks Karen to write down any vivid memories and recall a disastrous fake tan incident, which Al confirms did happen as everyone who was there still laughs about it behind her back. Karen then breaks down in tears when she opens up to Al about seeing her dad.

But while Karen has been bonding with Al, Mrs Tembe has struggled to find the right time to tell her about Mandy’s offer, so when Mandy mentions it first, Karen’s annoyed and upset, feeling unwanted. So when Karen later turns up on Al’s doorstep with her suitcase, he’s horrified!

Meanwhile, Heston gives Valerie some acting tuition and starts by asking her to think of herself as Cinderella. Valerie throws herself into the physical and vocal exercises with enthusiasm – but when she gets in a muddle between her real life and Cinderella’s, Heston loses patience and walks off in a huff.

Also, Daniel tries to help an overweight singer when her dream of being reunited with her teenage sweetheart looks like it may become a reality.