When he calls round to carry out a safety review on Sian’s home, Rob finally reveals Karen’s left him. Sian’s sympathetic and very tactile, clearly making a move on Rob, who politely backs away. When Rob hears about Sian having to look for work after Kevin deemed her fit, he heads over to The Mill, where he receives a cold welcome from Karen and short shrift from Kevin, who stands by his decision.

As Rob leaves, he bumps into Karen. She apologises for being rude to him, but adds she can’t live up to this ‘wonder Karen’ and thinks the kind thing to do is to let Rob move on: she wants a divorce. Rob’s devastated.

When Valerie discovers Jimmi has a new girlfriend, she delights in telling the whole Mill team his secret and, later, everyone hangs around reception in the hope of meeting her. Surprised to see an audience on her arrival, Hermione loudly declares Jimmi is about to ravage her on the bonnet of his car if they’d like to watch… Valerie is shocked!

And Chris helps a troubled man who is distressed by the sight of a white van. In trying to discover the source of the man’s fear, Chris unveils a dark past…