As Karen arrives at work, Julia and Michelle alert her to an elderly woman, Marge Jefferies, who’s up on the surgery roof. Marge refuses to come down until Karen apologises to her – but Karen has no idea what for. Karen visits Marge’s daughter and son-in-law Lydia and Alan Hoggart for clues, but they are less than helpful and order Karen to leave.

At The Mill, Karen is still trying to work out what’s wrong with Marge when Alan and Lydia arrive demanding compensation from Julia – or else he’ll call the press. As onlookers gather and the press and police arrive, Karen recalls that Marge called one day when Jimmi was busy and Karen promised to pass on the message. Marge said she’d remind Karen if she didn’t…

Karen climbs onto the roof to apologise to Marge but when Marge slips and Karen breaks her fall the crowd below applauds.

Meanwhile, Daniel treats Reg Mabbit, who is still grieving for his mum and now his only friend Mrs Browning has died. Daniel soon discovers that Mrs Browning is a rabbit but Reg soon finds a friend in Marge, who likes rabbits too!

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