Karen explains she trod on a beggar who cursed her and her family. She visits a psychic, Luna, who asks for money to lift the curse. Karen begs Ayesha to lend her the money but Ayesha reads Luna the riot act. Ayesha doesn’t understand why Karen thinks she was cursed, which forces Karen to admit that everything in her life is so good at the minute she is just waiting for it to all go wrong.

Molly is confused as to why her husband Tom doesn’t want to consummate her marriage and calls on Niamh for help. Reluctantly, Niamh agrees to meet the pair for lunch and Tom confesses that he worries he won’t be good enough for Molly. She reassures him she just wants to be with him no matter what and agrees to take things slow.

Also, Howard is surprised that Emma has been considering his 40-day date proposal. Finally, they get a chance to speak and Emma announces she is unsure on the rules.