Karen continues to keep Rob in the dark

Karen still hasn’t told Rob about the pregnancy. She keeps trying to but always puts it off insisting Rob is too focused on his work to be bothered with it.

Meanwhile, Rob gets embroiled in a case of illegal immigrants on the brink of despair. Rob has a flashback from a few months ago where he was involved in arresting a woman called Svetlana for transporting a lorry load of illegal immigrants, one of whom was a girl called Angelika.

Back in real time, Rob meets Svetlana once again, who introduces him to her import business – Russian food. But the business is not what it seems. Angelika and her sister Kinesha have been forced to work with Svetlana and a man called Matthew, but Angelika finally seizes her chance to escape and goes to the police station to find Rob. Mathew however follows her and drags her away with the intention of getting rid of her for good.

Rob has to follow Svetlana in the hopes of finding Angelika, but will he get there in time to save both her and her sister?

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