Karen’s still angry about Julia’s reaction when she asked for a pay rise, and upset that Jack is moving back to halls. Julia tries to be sympathetic, but Karen explodes, saying that Jack’s leaving because she’s so tight-fisted! Karen tells Julia, Jimmi, Michelle and Cherry that she’ll be working to rule – and she’s taking industrial action!

When Karen goes home and tells Rob and Immie that she’s taking a stand they applaud her, but she feels rotten; it’s not like her and she’s not looking forward to it. To make matters worse, Jack phones to say how much he’s loving halls and how brilliant it is to have his freedom back.

Simon is still feeling miserable about Will so when Cherry finds Will’s scarf she offers to post it to him, but Simon says he’ll manage. Simon phones Will and they arrange to meet at The Icon so that Simon can give the scarf back. But Simon soon finds himself locked in a passionate clinch, agreeing to go to a hotel…

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