Karen demands the truth from Rob

Karen’s worried about Rob when Driver tells them that Jimmi has also been suspended. Karen tells Driver that Rob no longer trusts anyone. Supt. Noakes arrives at Rob’s house armed with a team of officers and a search warrant. Karen’s not happy with the way Noakes has conducted himself around her house, but he just hands her the broken padlock from the shed and leaves.

Karen begs Rob to tell her the truth but he refuses, leaving her no option but to give him an ultimatum: either he tells her the truth or she’s going to stay with her friend Maggie. Rob caves in and reveals all to Karen, who is shocked but tells Rob she loves and supports him.

Zara’s at her friend’s wedding when she spots the groom, Paul, kissing a member of the wedding party full on the lips. She finds out that the wedding is a sham but the bride, Sophia, begs her to be the witness and even offers her money. Zara is stunned and announces that the wedding is a fake!