Karen finally comes clean to Rob!

When Karen finds out Rob has the day off, she becomes determined to tell him about the pregnancy so when Rob gathers his things to go fishing Karen blurts out that she is pregnant.

A shocked Rob doesn’t take the news well and declares he can’t be the father as he had the snip five years ago. Karen can’t believe Rob is accusing her of being unfaithful and phones Zara to come and help. Zara explains that the vasectomy could have reversed itself which calms Rob down but when he finds out Karen has known about the pregnancy since before Christmas he storms out leaving Karen in tears.

Meanwhile, Imogen tells a shocked Jack about the baby. He tries his best to comfort her and both are hopeful their parents will work things out.

Mrs Tembe meets Joshua at the Campus again and arranges for him to see Zara but when Zara dismisses him as having nothing more than homesickness Mrs Tembe takes it upon herself to befriend him.

Elaine convinces Simon to talk to his parents where he finally explains how he’s feeling. But will he be able to live with the consequences?

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