Karen is suspicious that Jack and Rob have a secret after their discussion the night before, and eventually tricks Jimmie into revealing that Jack is sleeping with someone at Karen’s work. Jack is furious at Jimmie and tries to warn Zara all day.

Meanwhile, Karen stalks The Mill, weighing up who it could be. Zara gives herself away and Karen loses it, punching her in the face. Zara slaps her back and a cat fight follows. Finally Heston, Simon, Ruth and Michelle pull the women apart. Heston tells them both to get out, and not to come back!

Ocean is still a little prickly but Julia convinces her to try some of her approaches to motherhood. Ocean reluctantly does so, leaving Marlin to self sooth a little, and is amazed at the outcome. Ocean finally relaxes around Julia and Julia is relieved at their progress.

Also, Zara tries to dissuade a mother from pursuing a major and unnecessary operation for her 12-year-old autistic daughter.

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