To take her mind off Adam leaving, Immie sends Karen a fitness hoop. Karen is upset when she struggles to get to grips with the hoop and feels worse when Ruhma is a natural. Will Karen’s jealousy get the better of her?

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is determined to prove she can make a cheap and nutritional meal compared to the ghastly meals she and the rest of the hospital patients are fed morning, noon and night. Mrs Tembe ropes in JJ to buy ingredients, then the pair sneak into a kitchen and continue to bond as they discuss their personal lives. Will they lose track of time and put JJ’s job in jeopardy?

When Daniel and Zara looks at the accounts in Mrs Tembe’s absence, it looks like they may have to make some cutbacks in order to balance the books. Will their need to save money result in cutting back on staff?