Karen gets an emotional visit from Immie

Karen’s settling into her new room at Emma’s when she spots someone at the window – it’s Imogen. After some awkward introductions – Karen certainly doesn’t know this girl as ‘Immie’ – Karen tells Imogen she’ll have to go as she’s busy decorating her room. Imogen offers to help, so Karen invites Imogen shopping with her to look for accessories. This proves eventful as Karen and Imogen argue, then Karen flirts with a shop assistant!

Back at home, Imogen admits she’s got man trouble but when Karen reveals she slept with a guy and then he dumped her, Imogen’s furious that her mum has cheated on her dad, Rob. When Karen claims Rob can do what he likes too; she doesn’t care, Imogen loses it, telling Karen she has to care, what about her kids? Her dad? Imogen grabs Karen and tells her she must feel something, but Karen freaks out and pulls away.

Imogen tells Karen how she thought her mum and dad’s marriage was perfect, true love. She reveals how they split up once before but they worked through it. Karen says she sees all of that in her future but, for now, she wants to have fun. When Imogen asks Karen if she felt anything when she held her and Karen claims all she felt was hate, Imogen runs out upset.

Later, Imogen cooks Karen an omelet as a peace offering and it looks like the pair have healed their rift when Karen unintentionally hurts Imogen further by saying she does want to be a mom, but to a baby. Things are still tense when Imogen goes to leave until Karen softens and calls her ‘Immie’. As Imogen leaves hopeful, Karen lies crying on her bed clutching a scarf Imogen left behind.