Karen gets overexcited!

Rob’s furious when Karen wakes him up by trying to find a vein in his arm to practice taking blood. She later tries to practice on Jack, who’s fortunately saved when Imogen comes home and agrees to take his place. Rob’s horrified when Karen takes a lot of blood from Imogen – but Imogen thinks it’s cool and wants the blood for an art project.

Cherry tries to get Michelle excited about her 30th birthday, but Michelle’s not in the mood and later confides in Heston that she feels her life is passing her by. Later, Heston hands Michelle a piece of paper with an appointment he’s made for her, which could really change her life…

Also; Julia tries to apologise to Simon after their disastrous meal, but Simon shuts her out, and Jimmi becomes curious when he spots Daniel being unusually nice to Cherry.

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