Karen gets support over Imogen

Rob has a stinking hangover, but Karen has little sympathy. She picks Imogen up from Brian’s and takes her to her art exam. Imogen wants to know when she can come home, but Karen just tells her to try her hardest today. Karen enters The Mill staff room and reveals that Imogen was shoplifting and the troops rally around her, including Mrs Tembe and Cherry.

Karen is anxious as to when Imogen will return home – and is touched when Cherry says that she and Jimmi would be happy to put her up. Preoccupied with worries, Imogen makes a slow start to her exam. At the end of the day, Imogen is unhappy and covers her work in black spray paint.

Meanwhile, Zara gets the wrong impression when dealing with a patient from hell – an angry, proud man who refuses to give his seriously ill mother a kidney.