Karen has an eventful hen party

Karen fears her hen night is in danger of becoming a bit of a non-event when the theme of cops and robbers is met with little enthusiasm. The hen night begins and Karen spots a man selling dodgy underwear in the bar. It’s Eric Roby! Karen’s excited. The hens lure Eric in then slap a pair of handcuffs on him. Rob is delighted to see Karen and her mates turn up at the station dressed in police uniform with Eric in tow. He grabs a delighted Karen and slings her over his shoulder, Tarzan style, before carrying her away.

Student Casper fancies his flatmate Libby but she’s oblivious to his feelings. When a burglar, Wasim, breaks into the flat Casper sees his chance to impress her and tackles the burglar. However, Casper suffers an asthma attack and, at the police station, Jimmi and Rob soon realise that the robbery was a hoax, designed to impress Libby.

Also, Al presents Niamh with his Christmas gift and the tacky underwear set goes down like a lead balloon.