Karen has competition in the kitchen

Karen is practising for Supachef, but she isn’t as good as she’d like to be. To take Imogen’s mind off her results she sends her to find her the wild ingredients she needs. Karen takes a batch of cakes to The Mill, but is thrust into a bake-off with Mrs Tembe who has also brought in cakes. It is clear Mrs Tembe has a knack for it whereas Karen doesn’t, and she implores Howard not to tell her about the competition.

Later, Mrs Tembe confides skilful recipes to Karen under the pretence that Jack has a posh lady-friend to impress. Rob unwittingly reveals that Karen is entering Supachef and Mrs Tembe is upset that Karen kept it from her. With minutes left until the competition deadline, Mrs Tembe makes it her mission to enter.

Also, Imogen fears her friend Chris is being pressured into abandoning art school to work for his father. But she’s shocked to learn what Chris really wants.