Karen has something to tell Rob

Karen calls Rob to invite him for lunch. He’s busy but, sensing there’s something on her mind, says he’ll see what he can do. When they meet at the Icon, Karen loses her nerve when Rob asks if there was something she wanted to tell him, so she moves the conversation to Jack and Immie before blurting out that she wants to move home! Rob’s stunned but obviously delighted and offers to collect her and her things that evening.

Worried about Emma’s reaction to her moving out, Karen tells Rob to slow down but promises to tell Emma later. That afternoon, Karen keeps Rob on tenterhooks before admitting she’s told Emma. Rob dashes off with a grin leaving a happy and excited Karen – she’s finally going home…

Unfortunately, things aren’t going as well for Howard and Annie, who head out geocaching in the hills. The walk starts well, but Annie soon rubs Howard up the wrong way with with her bad jokes, casual mickey-taking, not to mention deliberately taking them in the wrong direction. After a fraught walk, they try to relax with a picnic – but when Howard cuts his finger with a cheese knife the pair start arguing again and by the end it’s clear… this has not been a great date!

When tragedy strikes, Heston helps a young and vulnerable mum deal with the consequences as they set out to find the truth. Later, when Heston returns home from an upsetting day, he’s disconcerted to find a plant pot has been knocked over outside his house. Why do these strange things keep happening?