Jill is done feeling sorry for herself after the death of her husband and tells her daughter Nicky that she wants to sell her place and move to Portugal. Karen talks to Nicky, explaining Jill’s point of view – she had dreams she never acted on. Nicky finally reconciles with her mum. Later, Karen tells Rob she wants to sell the house – she wants to move forward.

Jimmi tells Al that Heather’s pregnant, and he’s not sure what will happen next. He meets with Heather and she discusses her options and whether should tell Phil or not. Heather realises she can’t have this baby and Jimmi says he’ll support her, whatever she decides.

Barry goes to the interview and sees an old friend Ron, who’s the interviewer for the job, and assures Barry he’s a shoo-in. The interview goes pretty well and Ron reiterates that job’s in the bag. Barry prematurely tells Mrs Tembe the good news.