Karen Hollins meets Barney

Karen hits it off with new foster kid, Barney… but things don't go as smoothly for Rob

Rob has checked up on foster child Barney, who’s set to join them. When Barney arrives, he asks if he can make some tea. He then tells Karen about the general disorganisation of the fostering services before offering to help with preparing dinner. When Rob returns home, he sees how Karen and Barney have bonded, and feels a bit like an interloper. Will things get worse before they get better?

Sid returns from Mexico, refreshed and ready for anything. But he’s troubled by the list of dead patients on the wall… there are more of his patients on there than anyone else. He expresses his concerns to Mrs Tembe.

Also, Mrs Tembe has to get to the bottom of a mystery when a baby his found abandoned in the toilets at The Mill.