Karen makes a pass at Jack!

Jack’s at the hospital waiting for Rob and can’t resist taking a peek at Karen, who doesn’t remember him. As he tries to casually glance in at Karen, he locks eyes with her and she beckons him in. Making up a hurried lie about visiting his mum elsewhere in the hospital, he sits down to talk to Karen. But when Jack takes a risk and asks if they’ve met before, Karen thinks it’s a chat-up line!

Jack tries to make Karen laugh by playing the grape game, tossing fruit into her open mouth. And when Jack goes to leave, Karen tries to convince him to come back and see her again. Jack doesn’t want to promise anything, and Karen gets upset. When he tries to give her a parting hug, she misreads the signs and tries to kiss him.  Jack flees – he’s freaked out, while Karen’s more miserable than before.

When Heston complains about the incompetence of the temp receptionist, Howard can’t agree enough and reveals he’s already made some calls and will be bringing Valerie back. Heston’s not sure it’s the best idea and it seems he’s not alone – neither Al and Emma are keen to see the ’emotional limpet’ again.

Nevertheless, Valerie comes in to sign her contract and immediately throws herself at Heston, Al and Emma with her trademark enthusiasm.  When Mandy’s stopped in her tracks by the sound of Valerie’s laugh from Howard’s office, Al warns her, the limpet is back… as lonely and desperate as ever.

Also, Mandy tries to make peace between a mother-daughter combo who are both on the verge of becoming single parents.