Karen is scheming to get Heston and Ruhma back together and pretends that Rob has won a pair of tickets to a classical concert. First she asks Heston to come with her, and then asks Ruhma. She’s elated when they agree, both unaware who their date will be.

Daniel and Anthony bring their bikes in to The Mill for a static bike race to raise money for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Mrs Tembe offers to provide refreshments on the day but Anthony turns her down. Afterwards, Anthony and Daniel tot up the total sponsorship they’ve been pledged and Anthony narrowly beats Daniel to the £1,000 mark.

Anna is desperately keen to impress her Nigerian mother-in-law and Mrs Tembe offers her some tips on Nigerian cuisine before Anna gets sick and starts sweating. Mrs Tembe questions Anna about her cooking and thinks she has cassava poisoning. Emma applauds Mrs Tembe for her quick thinking.