Karen is worried that Don isn’t looking after his wife properly; she’s recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. But Don tells her he wants his wife to keep thinking he’s a good-for-nothing layabout – if she’s having a go at him, it means she’s still got fight left in her.

When the nursery nurse suggests Joe may have some issues, Daniel is downright rude and then calls Zara a bully. Back home Zara grabs some stuff – she’s going to her dad’s for a few days. As Daniel plays with Joe, he sees him struggle with a simple task and suddenly realises that maybe Zara is right after all.

Emma tries to talk to Howard but as far as he is concerned they’ve called the project off. Emma thinks they should give it another go, Howard is sceptical and she accuses him of claiming to be ‘too busy’ to avoid emotionally engaging as per usual.