Karen has second thoughts about fostering

Karen unsettled when she discovers just how many problems their potential foster child has

Rob is at home when he receives a phone call from the fostering agency, saying a sick child needs a home immediately. Rob calls Karen and the pair head to the hospital to see their potential foster child but Karen’s shocked to discover it’s a newborn baby. Then she’s given another bombshell – the baby is a drug addict as the child’s mother took drugs while she was pregnant. Will Karen turn down the opportunity to foster a baby in such desperate need of a stable home?

Meanwhile, JJ tells Mrs Tembe that he wants them to go to Spain next week! Mrs Tembe is completely thrown by JJ’s request and says it’s completely out of the question, as she has so much to do at work. Mrs Tembe arrives at The Mill and tells Ruhma about JJ’s new job.  Ruhma tells Mrs Tembe to make a list of the pros and cons of up-rooting her life to be with JJ. When Mrs Tembe arrives home, JJ tells her that he has booked their travel for Spain! How will Mrs Tembe to react to his actions?