Karen still won’t forgive Rob

Karen sees that Rob had slept outside in the car all night and shouts at him, telling him to go. A disheartened Rob leaves to go to work.

Imogen suggests her mum phones a friend to talk to, so Karen visits old friend Val, who has a toddler called Charlotte. As they walk through the park, Val talks about the ups and downs of motherhood whilst Karen listens thoughtful. Val guesses Karen is pregnant, and is thrilled they are going to be older mum’s together, but then notices Karen isn’t as excited.

Karen reveals that seeing Val and Charlotte has made her see she can’t do it all again. She apologises through the tears and leaves her friend.

Heston still feels bad about the way he dealt with Simon so he visits him uninvited. Simon is in a rush to go to his parents’ but hurriedly and reluctantly accepts Heston’s apology. He then drops a bombshell as he reveals he no longer wants to be a doctor.

Also, Mrs Tembe reassures a young churchgoer who is too frightened to sleep due to an intruder called the ‘Letherbridge Leopard’ preying on young women.

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