PC Kyle tells Rob he chased after a suspect who fired a gun at him and ran off. Rob’s impressed until he tells Karen the suspect is one of the Mill’s patients, Ceri. Karen tricks Kyle into saying Ceri had a stammer when he doesn’t, helping her prove his story is a lie. Kyle admits Ceri was not involved and a whole different story plays out showing Kyle shooting the gun himself. 

Jimmi and Heather and lying in bed but her happiness fades when she sees tons of missed calls and texts from Phil. Jimmi suggests she move in with him but she isn’t sure – after all she hasn’t even met his friends.

Jimmi invites everyone to come to a dinner party tomorrow night claiming it was Heather’s idea. Heather is shocked but is reassured when Jimmi says it’s for her to get to know him better. When Jimmi returns home he is horrified to find Heather making a mess in his kitchen.