Karen Taylor needs a job!

Karen Taylor does her best to find work in the Square and not wind up potential employers!

Karen is desperate for a job but when she tries the Minute Mart and the Vic, she’s told there’s nothing going. After she also has no luck in Beale’s – and clashes with Ian – she ends up helping Jane in the Square.

After a run-in with Bernadette, who Karen catches skiving school, Karen takes Jane home and vents about her problems. When Ian arrives home, Karen’s shocked to discover he’s Jane’s husband. Using the situation to her advantage, she gets a cleaning job at Beale’s. Later, Karen makes a shock discovery about Bernadette…

Abi sidles up to Steven, who is quick to remind her that what happened between them meant nothing to him. After finding out that Steven’s stalking Lauren’s phone, Abi tells him that she’d be a better girlfriend for him than Lauren. Ignoring Abi, Steven gets an idea for another way to keep tabs on Lauren – by setting up a spy-cam in her office.

Meanwhile, Robbie is having a hard time getting on with the market traders and he’s down when he later learns he can’t move in with Dot. Over at Jack’s house, Ingrid the nanny arrives for her first day looking after Ricky and Amy, while in the Vic, Fi continues to make her mark.