Karen dresses to impress for her job interview at the launderette. Mr Papdopolous Jnr is initially unimpressed, after having a run in with Karen earlier in the day, but Karen manages to talk him round. After making a heartfelt plea for the job, Karen is confident that she’s done enough. Karen tells the family that she’s got the job in the bag.

Masood visits Mariam and Arshad and finds out that they’ve taken in a new foster child, called Daisy. The couple leave Daisy with Masood for a few minutes but when they get back Daisy has gone!

Whitney tells Tiffany that she’s leaving the Square to start over in Wakefield. Tiffany is taken aback as she doesn’t want to return to Bianca in Milton Keynes. In a bid to stay in Walford, Tiffany acts up. Will Tiff force Whitney to stay?