Karen tries to persuade Mrs Tembe to get Valerie back

Valerie misses being at The Mill - but will Mrs Tembe take pity on her?

Karen rages about the NHS and says Valerie was lucky to get out when she did. However, on the way back to work, the pair see Valerie on the street, trying to raise money. She tries to be positive about being on the frontline, but she clearly misses being at The Mill. Karen begs Mrs Tembe to bring Valerie back – but is it possible?

Shak insists he’s calling Zaroon today to organise meeting their father. Meanwhile, Ruhma tells Heston that if Aamir is back, they could be in danger. Heston suggests she go and speak to Rob who advises her that, if they are going to meet, to make sure it is somewhere public. Will Ruhma agree to let her children see their father?