Karen overhears Zara talking about Howard and Sue and it gets her thinking about her own marriage; she tries to ask Rob what he wants to do tonight but he’s having a busy day. She takes it upon herself to prepare a special dinner for the two of them. Zara also catches Karen in the toilets trying on a sexy outfit! An exhausted Rob returns home that evening and all Karen’s efforts have gone to waste as he goes to bed early.

Jimmi admits to a guilty-feeling Michelle that the radio station wants him to resume his phone-in show, but he’s reluctant to do it. Coincidentally, Michelle later takes a call for Jimmi from Letherbridge FM and pretends to be Jimmi’s agent to arrange a better deal. Later, however, she worries that Jimmi might not even want to do the show again.

Lee Tate takes some photos of school children in a playground and soon finds himself down at the police station. He’s put in a cell where Rob has to keep an eye on him. Rob thinks there’s more to Lee than meets the eye but PC Andy Woods thinks he’s a lost cause. Lee’s found hanging, but Rob finds him and manages to save him. Lee later tells Rob a fellow con made him take the pictures for him – and Andy gave him the belt to hang himself with. Rob ensures that Andy is arrested.

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