Karen wants the gossip on Al!

Howard calls Al into his office first thing, causing Mandy and Karen to wonder what might have happened. When they read Howard’s new codes of conduct and discover the shift patterns have been changed they start to wonder whether they are all related. When Mandy notices Jas making a sharp exist her suspicions are raised. Alone with Jas, Mandy tries to dig further, but only succeeds in making her upset.

Meanwhile, Al tells Mrs Tembe that he’s going to pop back to The Mill to pick up a stethoscope, but Mrs Tembe reveals she’s under strict instructions not to let him go there. Knowing exactly why, Al feels terrible. Later, Karen quizzes Mandy about what dirt she might have dug up and Mandy’s attempts to throw her off the scent only make Karen more determined to find out what’s going on…

Having also seen Howard’s email, Jimmi gently probes Al on what has happened. Al admits his feelings for Jas and says he might have taken it too far, but he never meant any harm. He thinks it’s all got out of hand but is sure he can put things right if he could just talk to Jas. As a friend, Jimmi urges Al to back off.

Meanwhile, Zara reports to Daniel that last night Joe said the word “appropriate” and is convinced their son is gifted – he could turn out to be a musical prodigy like Mozart! Zara plays Daniel a recording of what Joe said, but Daniel isn’t sure it sounds like “appropriate”, more like “a hurt foot”. Zara is left blushing – Joe dropped a book on his foot yesterday. They agree not to mention the word “gifted” again.

Also, Chris helps a mother and child on the run from the police.