Dropping off the mail in Julia’s office, Karen can’t resist having a nose around to find the wage figures. Over lunch, an annoyed Karen tells Rob that Ruth gets paid £2,000 more than her so Rob convinces her to speak to Julia about it. Karen tries but Julia’s in such a mood about the partner business that she leaves it.

When Daniel tells Julia he wants to put his name forward for the partner vacancy, Julia lies and says that Jimmi has shown an interest. Julia speaks to Jimmi before Daniel can and offers him the partnership for £40,000 but Jimmi isn’t interested any more. When Jimmi grows suspicious, Julia admits she doesn’t want Daniel to get it.

Later, feeling backed into a corner, Julia tells Daniel that if he can raise £80,000 she’ll consider him for partner.

Also, a friend of Imogen’s gets more than she bargained for when she makes a play for a rich elderly man.

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