Rob has a meeting with HR to discuss his future prospects. While he is out, his retired mate Alec turns up and bores Karen with tales of his life after retiring. She’s mortified when Rob admits the prospect of early retirement sounds attractive. Karen insists they’re not ready for that yet, but Rob reckons he could be…

Mrs Tembe return a bag to Professor Noel Barwick. But when she hears shouting for help from upstairs, Noel admits he’s locked his heroin addict daughter, Sarah, in her room to stop her from using. However, Sarah insists Noel is abusing her so Mrs Tembe releases her only for her to flee to score more drugs. When they finally track her down, Mrs Tembe tells Noel that the best place for Sarah is in a hospital.

Sean tells Niamh he’s had a job offer in London but before he goes he wants Niamh to phone home. Niamh reluctantly agrees and has an emotional conversation with her mum before bidding him farewell.