Karen’s abortion nears

At the Hollins’ house, Karen tells Jack and Imogen that she’s having the abortion the next day. Imogen instinctively offers to go with her but soon has second thoughts. She goes to see Cherry, telling her that she can’t be part of what her mum is going to do. Cherry tells her it’s normal to feel like this, and why not ask Jack to go instead?

At the police station, Brian considers telling Rob about Imogen’s shoplifting but when he hears he’s staying in a B&B he decides not to make matters worse. Back at the Hollins’ house, Imogen tells Karen that Jack will be going without realising that Jack can’t go either.

Julia announces that she’s having a book group meeting on Friday night. Zara scoffs at the idea while Heston and Elaine look hesitant, it seems only Mrs Tembe is excited about it.

To convince Zara to come to the book group, Julia tells her Daniel is coming. Only one problem, she hasn’t asked him yet. Will he be the only one to miss out?

Meanwhile, a sent text message throws a spanner in the works for a man approaching his wedding day – can Daniel come to the rescue?

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