Karen’s accused of having an affair

When Karen and Rob’s friend Jeff returns home from painting the Hollins’ hallway and his wife Wendy discovers a pair of women’s lacy knickers in his overalls, she becomes instantly suspicious he is having an affair with Karen.

She finds his phone and calls one of the last numbers and is horrified to hear Karen’s voice. Meanwhile, Karen comes home to find Jeff in her kitchen dressed in women’s underwear. As Jeff tries to explain, Wendy arrives, looking for her husband. Jeff hurries out the back and Karen tries to cover, claiming the underwear is hers and that Jeff has nipped out. Wendy leaves, dissatisfied.

Wendy decides to confront the pair at her and Jeff’s 25th wedding anniversary and even ices the word ‘liar’ on their cake. Wendy doesn’t believe Karen and Jeff when they deny having an affair, but Jeff eventually stops her and tells her the truth. But how will she react?

Elsewhere, Cherry must stand up to her old friend Angela when she starts making outrageous demands of her. Cherry stands her ground and insists she will not be walked all over – but will she get more grief or thanks from Angela?

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