Karen tries to apologise to Heston for the way Rob spoke to him, and tells him that Immie is now not speaking to her father. Karen then calls Rob to try and sort the mess out, but he doesn’t answer.

At home, Immie and Rob continue to ignore each other. Karen works out that he’s gone fishing and goes to find him. She tries to reason with him and tells him to sort things out with Immie before it’s too late.

Later, Karen tries to get through to Immie, but Immie says her dad can rot in hell for all she cares!

Elsewhere, Michelle goes on a lunchtime date with Louis, which goes well. Louis talks of the dangers of his job, which impresses Michelle, and they kiss and end up back at his.

Also, Zara becomes protective when an acquitted man is persecuted by the father of one of his supposed victims.

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