Karen’s date doesn’t remain a secret

Mrs Tembe rubs Karen up the wrong way when Angie calls The Mill. Karen has been avoiding her calls and Mrs Tembe answers and tells Angie that Karen doesn’t want to speak to her!

Much to Karen’s dismay Angie arrives at The Mill to take her to lunch so there is no chance of escaping her! Over lunch, Angie suggests Karen goes on a date with Kevin Latham, an old friend. Not giving up, Angie calls Kevin, and Karen reluctantly gives in. She tells Imogen that she is going out with Angie, and at the Brassiere Karen and Kevin agree to forget their troubles and have fun. But when Angie calls Karen at home and Immie answers, the cat is let out of the bag!

Karen and Rob’s split is clearly having an effect on Jack and Immie and the two begin to argue. Jack confides in Lucy about his parents and they escape to a hotel together. As Jack sleeps, Lucy gathers her things and leaves the hotel room, and as she does she slips her wedding ring on.

After finding out about Karen’s date, Immie goes to a friends leaving Karen to return to an empty house.

Meanwhile, Jimmi goes to visit Cherry and discovers she is allowed to come home the next day.

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