Karen’s neighbour Yvonne is not all she seems

Yvonne, one of Karen’s neighbours in her posh neighbourhood, seems to have it all as she boasts to Karen about a promotion at work and reveals that her house is on the market because she’s planning to move to a larger place. But, behind closed doors, Yvonne’s reality is very different – she can barely buy food for her son Ryan and places a discreet call to a number she’s visibly distressed by. 

Karen runs into Yvonne in the supermarket, where a stressed Yvonne comes down with some severe stomach cramps. Karen takes Yvonne to see Zara but when the woman catches Zara clock-watching, she leaves in a fury. Shortly after, Mrs Tembe notes that a charity collection tin has gone with her and sheepishly admits her suspicions to Karen.

Later, Rob is curious when he notices a smartly-dressed woman pulling up to Yvonne’s house. The woman, Sylvie, is a pimp who Yvonne has previously worked for and, determined not to lose her house, Yvonne beg for a job. As Yvonne meets an unpleasant punter, she’s accosted by Karen upon her return. Karen now has bigger concerns than the missing charity tin and is non-judgemental as she tries to help Yvonne.

Also, Zara’s attempts to leave work to get to an important networking event are scuppered by a vibrant older lady.