Rob’s Aunty Ag is visiting and takes the liberty of inviting herself and Rob over for lunch with Karen. Emma wonders if she’s remember things about Aunty Ag – she isn’t but says Ag seemed a lovely old lady when they spoke. However, following an argument with Rob prompted by Ag, Karen begins to realise she isn’t as sweet as she thought, then suddenly remembers that they hate each other!

As Karen flies out of the room in tears, Rob reminds Aunty Ag of what Karen has been going through. As Aunty Ag says her goodbyes, she’s pleased to see Karen still wearing her eternity ring- but comments that it was a ridiculous amount for Rob to spend just to patch up that bit of ‘trouble’. A mortified Rob quickly drives off, leaving Karen on the doorstep wondering exactly what ‘trouble’ she’s referring to…

Meanwhile, Howard is at Campus admiring his new sign for the surgery and isn’t impressed to see both Chris and Jimmi rolling into work looking shabby – have they forgotten the new Vice Chancellor is visiting today? But things get worse when Howard discovers his brand new sign has graffiti all over it. Howard tells Barry he has an urgent graffiti removal job for him and he manages to clean the sign in the nick of time – but then Mrs Tembe announces the graffiti artist has struck again. Howard and Barry finally greet the Vice Chancellor but, unknown to Howard, he has a big patch of paint on his bottom! 

Also, Daniel returns from Greece armed with gifts for all but doesn’t get to see Zara as everyone wants a piece of him. When Zara discovers Daniel’s been at The Mill all day, she demands to know why he’s had time to hand out tacky souvenirs to their colleagues but hasn’t even said hello to her. Daniel gives Zara her gift of an eternity bracelet saying every moment away from her felt like one. Zara’s touched… but is sure to check the diamonds are real.