Karin warns Max the police are onto them

Max has a visit from Karin, who warns him the police are onto the stolen cars. After failing to get hold of Phil to help him out, Max asks Charlie to dump the cars. Learning from Karin that other car lots have been raided, Max realises he needs to get rid of any evidence, which leads him to end up stripping down to his underwear! Phil pays Max a visit, insisting he sign the Arches over to him, or he’ll go to the police.

Aunt Babe plots to bring Mick and Shirley back together by arranging a family lunch at Patrick’s house. When Mick arrives, Babe reveals her true intentions, suggesting that Mick needs to buy Shirley out of the Vic for the family to move on. Later, at Blades, a brick is thrown through the window, leaving Dean shocked.

Stacey’s upset when she gets a letter asking her to testify at Dot’s trial. Her day gets even worse when she loses her job at Blades following Dean’s return. As Stacey confides in Kat, she learns that Kat has had another letter asking her to testify against Harry.

Also, Kim brings home baby Pearl only to find the house filled up with Carters!