Karl and Bernard hit it off

It’s The Right Prescription’s first gig at Charlie’s and, not wanting to let Karl down, Susan brings her date, Bernard, along. Karl and Bernard don’t hit it off at first, but when the music starts, it’s soon clear that they both share the same taste in music. Susan’s relieved, but it seems that Karl gets along with her date better than she does.

Andrew’s not pleased when he discovers that Kate has booked Karl’s band and goes along to see how they fare. Initially dismissing their music he’s shocked when Kate shows him the takings for the evening – the older clientele spend more money than the younger Red Cotton fans.

Meanwhile, Griffin asks Summer on a date and they head to Charlie’s to support Karl, where Andrew is clearly miffed to see them getting so close. He tries to shake off his jealousy by concentrating on business and, realising the value of The Right Prescription, he persuades Karl to let him act as their manager and cancels the upcoming Red Cotton gig to replace them with Karl’s band. When Griffin finds out he’s furious and Summer accuses Andrew of taking out his personal jealousy on Red Cotton. Andrew and Summer agree that they cannot go on being friends.