The kids scream as the building collapses around them at the warehouse. Crying, Bridget desperately tries to pull Josh free from the metal bars that have knocked him to the ground and Declan comes to their aid. After more collapses, Jessica, Ringo and Bridget get stuck under rubble, unable to move and Riley tries to wake an unconscious Elle.

The community watch as recovery crews begin the rescue attempt. Libby impulsively races inside to find Zeke, with Karl in hot pursuit, much to Susan’s horror. Susan, Miranda and the residents of Ramsay Street are left standing helpless outside as the roof gives way a second time.

Meanwhile, Rachel is oblivious to the catastrophe after spending the night at Angus’s flat. She wants reassurance that this isn’t just a one night stand, and Angus agrees, but says that they’ll have to be careful and keep things quiet between them until she’s 18.

Janae instantly regrets her impulsive kiss with Darren and is horrified to spot Kirsten nearby, worried that her rival saw the kiss. Later, she’s shocked to receive a text from Kirsten asking to talk.