As Dev cleans up Amber’s mess Sunita’s furious. Amber’s following through with her threat to leave and has her suitcase packed. Desperate not to lose his daughter Dev insists that Sunita just lost her temper last night and asks if Sunita apologises will she stay. Dev takes Amber into the pub where it’s Sunita who is expecting an apology. But she’s shocked when Dev asks her to apologise to Amber, explaining she’ll stay if Sunita takes back her insults… Sunita once again finds herself drawn to Karl.

Desperate to make up for lost time with Lewis, Audrey resolves to call in to work sick. But when a worried Gail hears that Audrey’s ill she insists on calling round at the house to check up on her. As Gail and David arrive they recognise Lewis nipping out for takeaway.

The police are given a statement and new evidence about Frank’s killer.

Also, as Tracy scrounges more money from Steve, supposedly for clothes for Amy, Steve bemoans the situation to Ken.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Her marriage on the rocks, Sunita arrives at the pub, telling Stella she plans to get drunk. Heading to the Bistro with Sunita, Stella admits men aren’t easy to live with. Sunita picks up on this and wants to know more about Karl but Stella changes the subject. Sunita quickly becomes drunk and Stella’s keen to get her home but when Sunita gets rowdy and climbs on top of a parked car she ends up getting herself arrested for a public order offence. Stella tells Dev what’s happened, but he refuses to ride to her rescue. Slipping away it’s Karl who arrives at the police station to take Sunita home. Grateful, she thanks Karl and moves in for a kiss.

Gail and David are furious as they realise Audrey has been playing them for fools. Gail’s ready to have it out, but David suggests playing Audrey at her own game. Audrey’s stunned to find them on her doorstep and tries to get rid, but Gail insists they’re here to look after her.

Leanne tells Stella she feels confident about winning the residence order for Simon.

Also, Ken tells Tracy it’s time she found a job – the free ride ends here!