Karl and Susan are stunned to see Izzy splashed all over the UK tabloids, and Karl’s conviction that Izzy is stalking them comes true when they bump into her in London. Even Susan ends up feeling sorry for the forlorn Izzy when she hears her boyfriend has deserted her and she is all alone and eight months pregnant. She charitably tells her former rival that they’ll help her, much to Karl’s disbelief.

Over at number 30, things are tense between girls Pepper and Rosie and boys Frazer and Oliver. To annoy the boys, the girls hold a raucous party, but they take no notice with Oliver escaping to Elle’s, and Frazer busy romancing Milly. Fed up with the bad atmosphere between she and Frazer, Rosie tries to make peace by taking him to the racetrack. However, before anything can be resolved, Frazer risks his life to save a young girl from being trampled by horses.

Paul worries when Elle tells him she’s no longer interested in getting together with Oliver, and tries his best to persuade his daughter to stay loyal to him.

Also, emotional Rachel, Zeke and Toadie find it tough to deal with the loss of Stingray.