Karl is dismayed that Susan allowed Angus back into Rachel’s life and let him stay at their home. As Karl questions Susan’s judgement, a fed-up Rachel packs her bags to go and stay with Angus, while the rift widens between Karl and Susan as all their unresolved baggage is dredged up.

Gutted, Zeke sneaks out to ask Rachel to come back home in an effort to maintain family unity and keep the peace. Rachel agrees and her return manages to bring Zeke and Karl closer. Later, when Karl finds Angus bailing out on Rachel, he makes an effort to persuade him to stay.

As Oliver and Carmella bond over looking after baby Chloe, they share a moment where they release their suppressed feelings for each other. With Carmella still grieving for Marco, Oliver wonders how a relationship between them could work out. But Carmella comes to the conclusion that it is possible to love and grieve at the same time.

When Josh persistently texts Bridget, Declan becomes convinced that he wants to be more than just friends with her. Bridget tries to reassure him that this isn’t the case but her admiration for Josh leaves Declan convinced he has a rival.

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